What are the machines and equipment for processing diamond mesh windows?

  1. Screen machine
    The screen machine is the most critical equipment for making diamond mesh windows. It is mainly used for weaving screens. It is usually divided into two types: monofilament machine and composite machine. The monofilament machine can directly weave the coiled yarn into a gauze machine, while the composite machine needs to use yarns of two different materials for weaving, and then combine the two yarns together after weaving. The quality of the screen machine will be directly related to the strength and quality of the diamond screen window.
  2. Aluminum alloy cutting machine
    The frame of diamond mesh windows is usually made of aluminum alloy because aluminum alloy is lightweight and corrosion-resistant. The aluminum alloy cutting machine is one of the necessary equipment for making diamond mesh windows. It can cut the aluminum alloy material as needed and make it into frames of different sizes according to the requirements.
  3. Corner code machine
    The corner code machine is mainly used to customize the frame corner codes of diamond mesh screens to ensure that the frame is stable and firm. The corner code machine can be customized according to different corner code sizes and requirements to meet the needs of diamond mesh screens of different models and sizes.
  4. Pressing machine
    The crimping machine is mainly used to seal and fix the frame of diamond screen windows. During the production process, the aluminum alloy frame and the gauze need to be tightly fixed together to prevent the gauze from loosening. The crimping machine can seal and fix the frame in different sizes and angles according to requirements to ensure the reliable quality of the diamond mesh screen.
    The above are the main equipment needed to make diamond mesh windows. Among them, the screen machine is one of the most important equipment, and its quality is directly related to the quality of the entire diamond mesh screen window. When using these equipment, you need to pay attention to safety and use the equipment rationally to ensure smooth production.

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