What are the equipment for plastic steel doors and windows?

A set of plastic steel door and window equipment generally requires five or six machines. A set of equipment for making plastic steel doors and windows mainly requires machines: plastic steel door and window welding machine, plastic steel double-head saw, plastic steel door and window V-shaped cutting saw, glass bead cutting saw, sink milling, Corner cleaning machine, etc. The plastic steel door and window welding machine is mainly used for the welding and assembly of plastic steel door and window frames and fan corners. According to the profile, it can be divided into ordinary welding machine and color plastic seamless welding machine. According to the number of machine heads, there are single-head welding machines, two-position welding machines, three-position welding machines, four-position welding machines, etc. Commonly used are three-position welding and four-position welding, which are highly efficient and save labor. You can choose the machine that suits you according to your automatic needs.
Plastic steel door and window cutting equipment double-headed saw is mainly used for cutting plastic profiles at 45 degrees to 90 degrees. Commonly used models include type 04 and type 06. It can be cut and processed individually or with both heads at the same time, with precise dimensions and high precision.
Plastic steel door and window equipment bead cutting saw This machine can complete the cutting process of glass bead. Equipped with a measuring and positioning ruler, the glass beading can be processed according to the actual required length, thereby ensuring the dimensional accuracy when cutting the glass beading and eliminating errors in assembling the window or frame sash with the beading after processing. It is also equipped with a fine-tuning device, which can adjust the tightness of the cut bead after installation as needed.


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