ZT-Aluiminum profiles-3+1 CNC end milling machine


Main features:
1.This equipment is suitable for end face milling of aluminum profiles.
2.High-precision linear guide pairs, ball screws, and rack-and-pinion imported servo motors ensure smooth movement and high processing accuracy.
3.It adopts imported high-speed spindle motor, which has stable rotation, low noise and strong cutting ability.
4.The motor can rotate between 0° and 90° to achieve seamless splicing of the upper and lower tracks of the sliding door, and enhance the milling processing of atrium and exterior flush profiles.
5.Software size input for automatic processing and storage. The profile size is entered once and used repeatedly.

Serial number Accessory name Brand
1 Low-voltage electrical appliances:China Chint
2 Buttons and knobs: China·Chint (metal)
3 Diamond Milling Cutter:Jiandeli
4 standard cylinder: China·Baidi
5 Solenoid Valve: Taiwan·Stairy
6 guide rail :PEK Italy
7 System: Iskate (bus absolute value)
8 Cables: Japan* Super Flexible
9 full touch display screen: Iskate
10 Spindle motor: Guangzhou Tianyang (3KW)


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