TKC-01 heat insulation profile toothing and threading machine



Highly efficient and easy to operate, it is widely used in broken bridges, aluminum wood, aluminum-plastic profiles and various special profiles.


The main purpose:

This machine is a special equipment for producing heat-insulating aluminum profiles. It mainly cuts and roughens the grooves of aluminum profiles to increase the transverse shear force of the profiles. It is equipped with an automatic threading mechanism and automatic start-stop sensor. The device directly penetrates the heat insulation strip while opening the teeth.



Press the cutter head into the notch of the profile, and use the rotation of the cutter head to pull the profile, and roll the upper teeth on the inner cavity of the profile. The rotation of the cutter head is used as power to push the profile forward and pass through the clamped and fixed heat insulation strip.

1. The head positions of the tooth opening mechanism and the strip threading mechanism can be adjusted up, down, left, and right, so it is very practical for profiles and heat insulation strips of different heights.

2. Tooth opening and strip threading are completed at the same time, effectively reducing labor costs and improving work efficiency.


Technical Parameters:

Power supply: 380V/50Hz (according to user requirements)

Total power: 1.5kW

Gear cutter specifications: 105mm

Frequency conversion speed: 10-60m/min

Profile section: width 220×height 260mm

Support rack size: 4500×550×850mm

Covering area, length 750×width 950×height 1500mm

Weight: 600kg


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