TFH-DP high-precision rolling laminating machine (gasket type)



High efficiency, easy to operate, suitable for various broken bridge aluminum profiles such as aluminum wood, aluminum plastic, aluminum plastic aluminum, etc.


The main purpose:

This machine uses three sets (i.e. 6 pairs of 12) rolling wheels to roll and compound the profile that has been penetrated by the insulation strips to achieve a tight connection between the strips and the profile.



The machine is equipped with four sets of polyurethane roller devices to calibrate the straightness and verticality of the composite profile at any time. Simply place the corresponding gasket between the two cutterheads.

1. Equipped with a pressure gauge to display the rolling force during rolling of the pressed parts.

2. It is also equipped with a position display to display the distance figures between the two sets of rolling cutterheads.


Technical Parameters:

Voltage: 380V (according to user requirements)

Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz (according to user requirements)

Total power: 3.55kW

Roller diameter: 240mm (can be customized)

Speed: 0-90m/min (adjustable)

Profile section: width 200*height 230mm

Support frame: width 500* length 5500mm

Area: length 1220*width 1300*height 1350mm

Weight: 1300kg


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