TCT-01G thermal insulation profile three-step threading machine


Equipment use:

The toothed profile is quickly threaded into the two aluminum profiles through the threading machine. The machine uses a special gear four drive to accurately penetrate the two heat insulation strips into the aluminum groove through the guide groove.


Performance characteristics:

The rubber strip is not easy to wear when threading, so that the head, middle, tail and shear force of each finished broken bridge insulation profile are stable. The threading speed is adjustable, making the operation simple and flexible, which greatly improves production efficiency.


Technical Parameters:

Voltage: 380V (according to user requirements)

Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz (according to user requirements)

Total power: 1.1kW

Gear diameter: 160mm

Heat insulation strip height: 12-40mm

Speed: 0-90m/min (adjustable)

Profile section: width 260*height 380mm

Support frame: width 500* length 5500mm

Equipment size: length 1000*width 650*height 1300mm

Weight: 700kg


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