Fully automatic CNC rolling bending machine(LWYJ-20T) (horizontal)


Equipment advantages:
It is suitable for arc bending operations of various metal profiles or special profiles (aluminum alloy door and window profiles, thermal insulation bridge profiles).
This machine adopts a fully automatic CNC system and special arc bending software, which is simple and convenient to operate. This machine uses horizontal bending, which is suitable for materials that are long or have a relatively large shape (the material is heavy).
System compensation can be performed based on the rebound data of the profile, with high processing accuracy.
It adopts CNC hydraulic system control to ensure accurate positioning.
Its product performance meets European advanced CNC arc bending machine standards.

Device parameters:
1. Total power: 5.2KW.
2. Power supply: three-phase four-wire AC380V, 50HZ.
3. Roller speed: 0-15 rpm.
4. Maximum diameter of roller mold: 230mm, material: nylon.
5. Roller diameter: 65/mm (can be customized) (40 chromium, heat treatment).
6. Fixed shaft center distance: 350-750mm adjustable.
7. Y-axis cylinder thrust: 20 tons.
8. Y-axis cylinder positioning accuracy: plus or minus 0.1mm.
9. Maximum torque of X-axis: 2000 N.m*3=6000 N.m.
10. Y-axis feed stroke: 0-220mm.
11. Roller shaft length: 150mm.
12. Processing profile range: height 150*width 150mm.
13. X-axis positioning accuracy: <0.5mm; Y-axis repeat positioning accuracy ±0.1mm.
14. Minimum processing radius: 100mm (inner arc) for one-time bending (related to the actual size of the material).
15. Overall dimensions of the operation box: length*width*height=500*510*1500mm.
16. Host overall dimensions: length*width*height=1300*1100*1500mm.
17. The main machine workbench is a casting and will not deform.
18. Total weight: 1000kg.


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