Aluminum profiles CNC Corner crimping machine


Suitable for corner code punching and riveting connections of aluminum profile doors, windows and curtain walls.
Procedurally controlled, the hydraulic system provides angular power, strong riveting force, fast speed and stable work.
The corner forming knife has a large up and down adjustment range, is easy to adjust, and is suitable for forming corners of taller and thicker profiles.
The front positioning adopts lifting type, making it easy to pick up and place materials.
It can be equipped with double-point knife and step knife to make the angle assembly stronger. Internal air cooling.
Technical Parameters:
Power supply voltage: 380V50Hz
Input power: 3.0KW
Rated pressure: 20Mpa
Working air pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa
Air consumption: 5L/min
Front positioning stroke: 170mm
Rear feed stroke: 120mm
Front positioning adjustment range: 140mm
Adjustment range of corner knife: 160mm
Fuel tank capacity: 40L
Oil pump size: 10 inches
Dimensions: 870*1200*1100mm (L*W*H) excluding tow rack
Unit weight: Approximately (700Kg)


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