How to use aluminum strip threading machine?

  1. Preparation
  2. Confirm whether the model of the stringing machine matches the material to be worn, and check whether the stringing machine is stopped.
  3. Prepare materials and cut the required aluminum into appropriate lengths for easy operation.
  4. Prepare necessary tools and accessories, such as scales, squares, tool boxes, plasma cutting machines, etc.
  5. Operation steps
  6. Fix the aluminum material on the workbench of the strip threading machine.
  7. Select the appropriate cutting tool as needed and install it on the strip threading machine.
  8. Adjust the distance and position between the tool and the aluminum material to ensure that the contact surface between the tool and the aluminum material is smooth and will not damage the aluminum material.
  9. Turn on the power of the stringing machine and start the machine. Slowly feed the aluminum into the machine along the inlet end of the machine.
  10. Observe the progress of the aluminum material, stop the machine in time, and adjust the position and direction of the aluminum material to avoid threading errors.
  11. After threading is completed, stop the machine and take out the aluminum material.

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